PKP launches Article Level Metrics for OJS Journals

The Public Knowledge Project, developer of publishing software used by thousands of scholarly journals, including Co-Action Publishing, continues to be among those leading innovation in scholarly publishing with its introduction of article level metrics (ALMs).

The purpose of ALMs is to provide a more accurate means for measuring the impact of research at the article level rather than the journal level, as is tradition, said Juan Pablo Alperin of PKP.  “ALMs have the potential to be a truly valuable tool for both publishers and readers. We urge all journals using our Open Journal Systems (OJS) to sign-up for the service.” PKP’s ALM offering is built on an open source application developed by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) and has been implemented with the guidance and support from PLOS.

Co-Action Publishing, a close partner of PKP and one of its first hosted clients in 2007, is the first publisher to implement the service. “Co-Action’s wishes, requirements and feedback have been instrumental in the development and evolution of our publishing platform, and most recently our implementation of ALMs,” Alperin said.

Co-Action Publishing Co-founder Caroline Sutton, who has been a leading voice in the OA community for many years, is gratified by the role Co-Action is playing in making a new generation of publishing tools available to OA publishers everywhere. “Together, we’re working to develop many tools that can be used and leveraged across the thousands of journals that use OJS. We’re excited about what’s in the pipeline, and how these new developments will help further academic publishing.”

PKP’s ALM service is being rolled out on a limited basis. Interested journals can sign up to be considered for the trial. Journals running the latest version of the OJS software will be given priority.


 The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative developing (free) open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.

Co-Action Publishing is an international open access scholarly publisher, with a growing portfolio of peer-reviewed scholarly journals spanning different scientific disciplines. The company is registered as a limited liability company in Sweden, and is wholly-owned by the three founding partners (

PKP announcement:

Related announcement from PLOS:

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